Coach Tavio’s boys rise to the occasion

Coach Tavio Meeks 5th grade boys completed a 3-1 record at the Jam On it tournament in Reno, Nevada over Memorial weekend. Their one loss came against the Oakland Rebels by 1 point! This disappointment didn’t deter the team from finishing out their D2 bracket with a 3-0 record in their remaining games.

This squad has made strides in becoming a team to be reckoned with, having finished in 1st place twice during the 2013 Spring season, their most recent 1st place finish being at the NAYS Tournament in Modesto on May 18-19. They even played up at the 6th grade level at one tournament with the mindset that tougher competition will make them better. With the success of Tavio and Coach Joe Olsen’s 5th grade squad, the future of the Wolverines is bright with so many ballers coming from this age group!

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