The Wolverines join the Junior NBA Family

Junior NBA logo

January 1, 2016

The Wolverines AAU Club is happy to announce a partnership with the Junior NBA, based in New York City.

The Junior NBA pledges to play the “The Jr. NBA Way” promoting the positive development of young people through basketball, helping to instill a lifelong passion for the game, and following the Jr. NBA Philosophy of:

FUNdamentals – Teaching basic basketball skill development in a positive, encouraging and fun environment is rewarding for all involved
•Hard Work – Emphasizing how to compete – with a focus on working hard and competing to the best of your ability – is more important than the outcome of games won and lost
•Respect – Exhibiting a positive attitude toward players, coaches, parents, officials and teammates is how we honor the game and each other
•Sportsmanship – Playing the right way, the Jr. NBA Way, is centered on fair, ethical and honest competition
•Teamwork – Working together in a supportive manner for a common goal fosters positive social and personal development
•Healthy Living – Exercising regularly benefits both mind and body – leading to better health outcomes, greater energy levels, and enhanced classroom performance

The Wolverines transition into the Junior NBA family will include NBA Bay Area basketball camps and events, California-wide events, and providing Wolverines coaches and players access to the NBA basketball network of coaches and teachers. The Wolverines are ecstatic in working with the Junior NBA to provide Wolverines members with a positive basketball environment!

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