The Wolverines Way

The Mountain House Wolverines AAU Basketball Club is an all-volunteer organization of community-minded coaches and players, all members of the Amateur Athletics Union (AAU) and based in Mountain House, California. We run at tournaments within 2 seasons within one calendar year: Spring / Summer (February to July) and Fall/Winter (September to January).

The typical season starts with evaluations of current players. Tryouts may occur, but we primarily an invite-only club.We are always looking for kids to play, but a Wolverines player must demonstrate sportsmanship and have a certain fundamental level of basketball skill in dribbling and shooting to be placed on a team. Once the invitation to play with us is expressed, players are brought in for workouts to determine if they are a fit.

For players at the beginning level, we encourage you to keep working on your game and coming back for a workout at a later time.

We play in tournaments throughout the Bay Area, Northern & Southern California and Nevada. Even though we have placed 1st in multiple tournaments, we de-emphasize winning at all costs in favor of teaching and development. We don’t know a basketball player who has won every game, but we always work to put our players in a position to succeed. Every effort is made to help every player understand that “winning” is about placing 100% effort and focus in developing individual skill sets and supporting teammates in reaching their goals.

We are not a recreational basketball club. Tournaments take up weekends and overnight stays may be required.

SEASON FEES:  We are a non-profit formed for the purpose of developing basketball players in the Mountain House / Tracy area. We do all we can to keep the season fees low. All fees go towards gym rentals, tournament fees, insurance, uniforms and ongoing organizational costs.



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