The Wolverines Way

The Mountain House Wolverines AAU Basketball Club is an all-volunteer organization of community-minded coaches and players, all members of the Amateur Athletics Union (AAU) and based in Mountain House, California. We run at tournaments within 2 seasons within one calendar year: Spring / Summer (February to July) and Fall/Winter (September to January).

For Spring 2013 we have the following teams.

Girls Divisions:  6th Grade, JV High School

Boys Divisions: 2nd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade, 6th Grade, 7th Grade, 8th Grade

The season starts with tryouts and evaluations of all players interested in being on a squad.  We are always looking for kids to play, but a Wolverines player must demonstrate sportsmanship, courage and most likely, have a certain fundamental level of basketball skill in dribbling and shooting to be placed on a team. Players are invited on teams if they fit in the plans of the Wolverines organization and coaches. Once the invitation to play with us is expressed, parents are then given a breakdown of the team budget prior to the first practice. After seeing where the season fees go, parents can then make an informed financial decision.

For players at the beginning level, we encourage you to keep working on your game and coming back for a tryout at a later time. As we always tell our kids, you can’t expect to be good in anything without putting in the work in and outside of practices and tournaments.

We play in tournaments throughout the Bay Area, Northern & Southern California and Nevada. Even though we have placed 1st in multiple tournaments, we de-emphasize winning at all costs in favor of teaching life lessons. We don’t know a basketball player who has won every game, but we always work to put our players in a position to succeed. Every effort is made to help every player understand that “winning” is about placing 100% effort and focus in developing individual skill sets and also supporting one’s teammates in reaching their goals. As we say, let the game results fall where they may.

We are not a recreational basketball club. Tournaments take up weekends and overnight stays may be required. Many tournaments are 2 day tournaments, so parents and kids need to mentally prepare for the time and commitment required to play basketball with the Wolverines.

SEASON FEES:  We are a non-profit formed for the purpose of developing basketball players in the Mountain House / Tracy area. We do all we can to keep the season fees low. All fees go towards gym rentals, tournament fees, insurance, uniforms and ongoing organizational costs.



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